Is Your Tomball or North Houston Home Vulnerable to Frozen Pipes?

Frozen Cracked PipeIt doesn’t take long for icy cold air to freeze a plumbing pipe, so you’ll want to make sure your pipes are prepared for this winter’s cold snaps. A burst pipe can cause a lot of water damage in just a short period of time, but with a little preparation, this is one plumbing disaster that can usually be prevented.

Step #1: Identify which plumbing pipes are most vulnerable to freezing.

Plumbing pipes that get the most exposure to cold air are the likeliest to freeze. We most often come upon frozen pipes in drafty attics and crawlspaces. Also, any plumbing pipe located near an exterior wall or outside your home will be at significant risk.

Step #2: Protect vulnerable plumbing pipes from the elements.

You want to reduce your plumbing pipes’ exposure to cold air. If this means sealing up drafty rooms, install some additional installation and seal up cracks with caulk. You can also cover pipes up with a pipe sleeve or even tape some newspapers around the pipes. If it’s extremely cold outside, consider leaving the cabinets below your kitchen and bathroom sinks open to get some extra heat. You can also leave a faucet dripping slightly to help prevent a pipe from bursting. Also be sure that hoses have been disconnected and outdoor faucets drained.

Step #3: Don’t forget about your plumbing pipes while you’re away.

Too often homeowners shut down their heat when they leave for vacation, only to come home to frozen or burst pipes. Keep your heating system set for at least 55 degrees while you are away, and if cold weather is expected, have a neighbor or friend pop in to make sure that the heat is working properly. For more information on how to avoid plumbing disasters while you’re away on vacation, click here. 

Attempting to thaw out frozen pipes can be a dangerous or fruitless endeavor if you’re not sure what to do. If you have a frozen plumbing pipe in Tomball or North Houston, contact Rooter-Man Plumbers for plumbing service immediately!

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