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Your kitchen or bathroom fixtures need a facelift, but you’re not sure where to start. Sound familiar? Before you try to tackle an extensive DIY project, give Rooter-Man a call! Our experienced, local experts will come to your home to provide you with an in-depth estimate, project timeline, and recommendations. When you trust in Rooter-Man, you can trust the job will be done right. No guesswork, and no DIY fails!

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“I am very pleased with the work of your staff. Your technician came out a few days before and offered me a few solutions with advice. This saved me time & money. He returned and finished the job as promised. I was impressed at their professionalism and the hard work all three men showed. They are an asset to your company.”
- Daniel Wheat

Kitchen Plumbing Fixtures

Plumbing Fixtures Installation and Replacement Tomball & North Houston

From faucets to dishwashers and dish disposals to new sink installation, Rooter-Man handles all aspects of kitchen plumbing fixture installation and repair. Whether you need a new sink installed for cosmetic reasons or mechanical needs, Rooter-Man can help! We have encountered virtually every sink issue, from leaks and clogs to low water pressure from faucets and everything in-between. There is no kitchen plumbing job too large for our skilled plumbers to tackle.

Bathroom Plumbing Fixtures

In addition to sinks, the bathroom contains the most visible plumbing fixture in your home: the bathtub. A bathtub can last for decades without issue, but once damage is noticeable, it can deteriorate quickly. While a crack or chip in your bathtub or surround is troubling on surface level, they can be an indication of a deeper issue. Rooter-Man specializes in troubleshooting and diagnosing bathroom plumbing problems to determine whether leaks and water damage have occurred. Our plumbers can work on any type of material, whether it be for a minor repair or a complete restoration.

Plumbing Fixture Installation Service

A dripping leaky faucet or pipe isn’t just annoying—it’s costing you money and it’s wasting water. Getting a leak fixed quickly is very important, but sometimes new plumbing fixtures need to be installed. At Rooterman TX we are here to provide Tomball & North Houston with expert plumbing fixture installation services. If it is the first time a faucet or pipe has sprung a small leak, a repair could be a cost-effective option. But if the damage is extensive or the leak keeps recurring, it is much better for the environment and your wallet in the long run, to replace leaky plumbing fixtures with new ones. In fact, replacing old, leaky, or outdated fixtures and piping is always the most efficient and cost-effective solution when it comes to problematic plumbing to prevent a small issue from turning into a bigger, more damaging, and expensive issue. Call Rooterman TX for your plumbing fixture installation service.

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Rooter-Man is highly skilled in plumbing fixture repair, replacement, and installation with 40+ years of service and a proven track record of satisfied customers. Our local Tomball and North Houston, TX experts specialize in all aspects of plumbing and drain cleaning. Whether you need an estimate for an upcoming project or emergency plumbing services, call your local Rooter-Man “To The Rescue”!

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