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Garbage Disposers Installation

Garbage disposers are a luxury to have. When installed properly, they effectively dice food into small pieces, making it easy to pass through your plumbing system without issue. If you are considering the installation of a garbage disposers in your home, we highly recommend hiring a Rooter-Man professional for the job. Garbage disposers installation is more complex than your basic sink repairs, in that it often involves electrical work as well as the removal and reconfiguration of existing pipes. Our local Tomball and North Houston plumbing professionals are highly skilled and experienced in garbage disposer installation from the initial install to testing and troubleshooting. Contact your local Rooter-Man to schedule an appointment for garbage disposer installation today.

I am very pleased with the work of your staff

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“I am very pleased with the work of your staff. Your technician came out a few days before and offered me a few solutions with advice. This saved me time & money. He returned and finished the job as promised. I was impressed at their professionalism and the hard work all three men showed. They are an asset to your company.”
- Daniel Wheat

Garbage Disposer Repair

Garbage Disposal Repair & Installation Tomball & Northwest Houston

Even properly installed and well maintained garbage disposers can fail. When your garbage disposer stops working entirely or stops being effective, it is likely due to a simple clog. However, older garbage disposers can suffer from mechanical failures that require replacement. Some common indications of an issue in your garbage disposer include a noisy motor or leaking pipes. Rooter-Man has the ability to troubleshoot, unclog, repair, or even install a new garbage disposer system if necessary.

Expert Time: Things Not To Do in Garbage Disposer

Garbage disposers are great machines, but they’re not magic! While most food items are safe to put down your disposer, there are a few culprits that can lead to clogs and issues within your garbage disposer system.

To extend the life of your garbage disposer and the plumbing of your home, do NOT dispose of:

  • Bones and fruit pits, as they can quickly dull the disposer’s blades
  • Grease, as it hardens and can quickly clog pipes
  • Pasta, potatoes, or other starchy foods, as they can expand and clog (even after cooking!)
  • Celery, corn husks, and other fibrous items, as the strings can easily tangle around the disposer’s blades
  • Coffee grounds, as it thickens and easily clogs pipes

It’s also important to note that while garbage disposers can be used with septic systems, they do require septic-specific components to function properly and prevent major problems.

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For 40+ years, it has been Rooter-Man “To the Rescue” in Tomball and North Houston, TX. Our customers trust us to provide quality service at affordable prices, with around the clock services for residential and commercial drain and plumbing needs. Rooter-Man is proud to have been voted the #1 plumbing and drain cleaning franchise for 16 consecutive years by Entrepreneur Magazine. Our garbage disposer installation and repair services are one of many solutions we provide to Tomball and North Houston, TX customers on a daily basis. To experience why Rooter-Man is the right choice for your plumbing needs, call your local experts today!

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