Expert Gas Line Installation and Repair Services in Tomball & North Houston

Residential Gas Lines Installation & Repair

Faulty gas lines can lead to serious dangers. Our local experts are skilled in the installation, troubleshooting, and repairs of residential gas lines. We have seen and solved virtually every residential gas line problem, from improper connections to inadequate duct work, missing shut-off valves, rusting, and more. When left to their own devices, faulty gas lines can lead to gas leaks and explosions, making them one of the most crucial components of home maintenance. If you are in need of servicing, replacement, or troubleshooting for your residential gas lines, call Rooter-Man “The The Rescue” today!

I am very pleased with the work of your staff

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“I am very pleased with the work of your staff. Your technician came out a few days before and offered me a few solutions with advice. This saved me time & money. He returned and finished the job as promised. I was impressed at their professionalism and the hard work all three men showed. They are an asset to your company.”
- Daniel Wheat

Commercial Gas Lines Installation & Repair

Gas Line Installation & Repair Services Tomball and North Houston

When installing or repairing gas lines, it’s important to partner with a company you can trust. Rooter-Man has been servicing gas lines for commercial spaces for 40+ years with a strong track record of customer satisfaction. When dealing with commercial gas lines, we understand you have a lot at stake. The safety of employees, customers, and the well-being of your workplace are of the utmost importance. Our talented Rooter-Man team can help with any scale of commercial gas line installation and repair. Whether you are encountering an emergency or need routine maintenance or updates, Rooter-Man is skilled and experienced to suit your specific commercial gas line needs.

How much does it cost to install a gas line?

No two dwellings are the same, especially when it comes to their plumbing and gas lines. To provide the most in-depth estimate for your project, Rooter-Man will perform an on-site diagnosis and provide an estimate before service is scheduled. We pride ourselves in providing straight-forward pricing and affordable services so you can keep your home or business safe without any unnecessary financial burden. For an on-site estimate, contact your local Tomball and North Houston, TX-area Rooter-Man today.

How can you avoid gas leaks?

The best way to avoid or prevent gas leaks is to always have your appliances installed by a professional. Check your main appliances on a regular basis for signs of leaks and overall wear and tear to their components. For an additional layer of safety, we recommend installing a carbon monoxide alarm in your home in the main living spaces, being sure to keep the batteries fresh. In the event of a gas leak, it is important to turn off the gas at the main source and open doors and windows. Once you are in a safe location to do so, call Rooter-Man for emergency services.

Why Choose Us

When emergencies arise, having a local, trusted source to turn to provides the peace of mind you need. Rooter-Man has been serving satisfied customers for 40+ years, specializing in plumbing and drain cleaning services. Our affordable, straight-forward pricing, paired with a friendly team and quality results, make Rooter-Man an obvious choice for residential and commercial gas line installation and repairs. Contact your local Tomball and North Houston, TX Rooter-Man today to schedule an appointment for services!

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