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Sump pumps are great for flood prevention and for preserving the infrastructure of your home. The electric pump, found in the basement of a home, either pumps water to the outside of the home or into the drainage pipe system. A sump pit is a hole that collects water extracted from the inside of the house. As experienced plumbers in North Houston, we know that sump pumps can be useful in many of the cities and suburban areas we work in. Sump pumps are most frequently found in basements, where flooding or precipitation leakage comes through a house’s foundation. Flood prevention is extremely important. Water leakage or flooding in your home can be a very dirty and odorous, resulting in water damage and property damage – unwanted burdens that are very expensive to fix. 

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If you live in a city, the process of how your home gets its flow of water has probably never crossed your mind. It’s as easy as opening the tap at the sink. If you travel a few miles out of town, a lot can change. At Rooter-Man Plumbers, we know that well pumps can be used to supply water to remote locations, along with serving many other purposes to rural communities, including irrigating crops, providing water for livestock, and heating/cooling a geothermal system. The two most common types of well pumps are jet pumps and submersible well pumps.

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