When to Call a Plumber to Fix Your Floor Drain in Conroe or North Houston

DrainYou may not pay a lot of attention to your home’s floor drains in Conroe, but if there comes a time when water floods into your home or you experience a burst pipe in Conroe, you’ll be happy you have them. To ensure that your floor drains will flow properly when a plumbing emergency occurs, you’ll want to make sure you fix any issues they have right away. Here are some of the most common problems with floor drains and what must be done about them.

Floor Drain Blockages – Just like your kitchen sink drain and your bathtub drain, your floor drains can become clogged with debris. In most cases, a blockage can be removed with hydrojetting or cable drain cleaning service. Occasionally, a more extensive repair is needed if the blockage is due to a broken sewer pipe that has filled up with dirt. If your floor drain overflows often or never seems to thoroughly drain, it’s time to hire a Conroe plumber. 

Bad Odors – When the floor drain trap is dry, nasty odors and even insects can creep up from the sewer. Usually you can solve this issue by pouring some water down the drain to fill the trap and prevent the bugs and odors from entering.

Leaky Sewer Pipes – It is normal for there to occasionally be some water overflow in your floor drain when a significant amount of water is sent down your plumbing pipes at once—such as when the toilet is flushed at the same time that dishes and laundry are being done. A small amount of water may back up into the floor drain to prevent extreme pressure on the main drainage line. If you never have a water backup in your floor drain, you may have a broken sewer pipe that is allowing your wastewater to flow out into the ground. If you suspect this serious problem, call a local plumber immediately.

At Rooter-Man Plumbers, we’re happy to help you with drain cleaning and sewer pipe repairs in Conroe, North Houston, and the surrounding areas. Just give our plumbers a call for fast, friendly service!

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