Why is My Exhaust Pipe Glowing?

The holiday season has finally arrived, and with it comes festive lighting displays inside and outside of homes. Since it is the “season of light,” we thought we’d cover an especially illuminating plumbing topic: what happens if you find a plastic pipe glowing inside your home?

While it’s a rare phenomenon, direct sunlight can enter a white PVC exhaust pipe and give it a glowing appearance. As long as there are no leaks or other issues, the glow shouldn’t be a cause for concern. 

What Does The Exhaust Fan do?

Appliances such as furnaces, heat pumps, tank water heaters, and tankless water heaters use natural gas as a fuel source. The combustion creates toxic gases that need to be vented outside; otherwise, they could cause a hazardous situation for people and pets within the home. The exhaust pipe runs either horizontally or vertically to release the gases outside. 

Is a Glowing Vent Pipe Dangerous?

We completely understand why a homeowner would be worried over the sight of a glowing exhaust pipe. It can happen when direct sunlight creates an illuminating effect inside the white PVC pipe. The pipe needs to be uncovered, and the light has to hit the opening just right. The phenomenon is most likely to appear closer to the roof – such as in an attic – but there are reports of glowing pipes even in basements. 

What to do About a Glowing PVC Pipe?

When there’s anything unusual with your HVAC or plumbing (especially when it involves natural gas), it’s always best to exercise caution. As long as no strange noises or smells accompany the glowing exhaust pipe, wait to see if the effect changes as the sun moves or goes down. If it does, you shouldn’t be too worried about the light show. To prevent sunlight from getting inside the pipe, you can check to ensure the vent cap isn’t missing and the flashing is in good condition.  

Regular Maintenance Can Help

Of course, if you’re still worried, it’s important to perform regular maintenance on your pipes. Checking the pipe for any corrosion or damage can help ensure that it is functioning properly and will not cause any further issues. Additionally, keeping the exhaust pipe clean – by removing dust and debris – will also help extend its life.  

When a professional plumber inspects your pipes regularly, they can identify potential problems and offer solutions before they become major issues. They can also suggest ways to reduce the likelihood of your plastic pipe glowing in the future. Whatever the cause of the glow, it’s always wise to call a plumber if you have any concerns. They can help determine the cause and make sure that everything is functioning properly. With their expertise, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your pipes are in great shape and that everything is running smoothly. 

In the end, it’s important to remember that a glowing exhaust pipe is usually nothing to worry about. With regular maintenance and cleaning, you can enjoy your glowing pipe without any fear or hesitation.

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