What Are the Black Specks in My Water

Nobody wants to see the water in their home being polluted by black specks. If this is happening to you, then the first step to take to get back to clean water is to discover what the black specks are.

What Are the Black Specks in My Water

Where Is It Coming From?

Here are some possible sources:

  • Corrosion from pipes: these irregular, metallic specks are likely the cause if you have pipes older than a decade and have turned the water on after a long hiatus
  • Corrosion from the water heater: if the hotter water in your house has more specks than the cold water, then there is a strong chance they are flaking off the interior of the water heater or off the pipes that connect it to the rest of the house
  • Corrosion from pipe attachment/connectors: small and rubbery specks could be coming from any of the connectors between the pipes

It can be difficult to diagnose and solve a problem like black specks in water. Replacing an old hose or fitting can make for a cheap DIY project, but getting a new water heater definitely calls for an expert.

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