5 Ways Water Can Damage Your Home in Magnolia

An image of an overflowing toilet.Some water damages are extremely serious and require a massive cleanup. Other times water damages are just more of an annoying nuisance, another little problem to deal with during your day. As a Magnolia plumbing company, we deal with water issues day in and day out, and we know every little and big way that water can ruin the day.

Water can damage your home in Magnolia by…

Bursting Plumbing Pipes

Frozen pipes can rupture, causing gallons upon gallons of water to enter your home. Learn how to keep your pipes from freezing in Magnolia  and Tomball.

Leaving Unsightly Drink Rings on Furniture

Oh, condensation, you’ve done it again! Removing a drink ring from a coffee table may actually require sanding. Your best bet for prevention: use a coaster.

Destroying Your Wallpaper

It doesn’t take many hot, steamy showers to have a negative effect on your wallpaper. The steamy air can cause the wallpaper to bubble and wrinkle. If bathroom remodeling is in your future skip the wallpaper or choose vinyl wallpaper.

Spilling Out of Your Toilet

An overflowing toilet is a crime against your bathroom! Call Rooter-Man Plumbers for drain cleaning or a new toilet if necessary.

Our Magnolia plumbers will never let water troubles get the best of you! Give Rooter-Man Plumbers a call for plumbing repairs and installations!

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