The Heartless Ways Plumbing Problems and Water Damage Can Ruin Your Valentine’s Day in North Houston and Tomball, TX

ToiletYou’ll be in a big trouble this Valentine’s Day if you forget to give your significant other something special, but you’ll be in even bigger trouble if you neglect your plumbing system! Plumbing problems and the water damage are the worst heartache to suffer on Valentine’s Day or any time of year! You can minimize the chances of having to experience a plumbing emergency by being proactive about plumbing maintenance.

Whether you wake up to a plumbing emergency on Valentine’s Day or are concerned about a leaky faucet next month, you can always count on Rooter-Man North Houston to come to the rescue! With over 60 years of plumbing knowledge, you can trust our skilled plumbers to handle all of your plumbing problems and concerns. Our range of plumbing services cover a number of plumbing issues, from plumbing emergencies to routine inspections.

Here’s how heartless plumbing problems and water damage can be on Valentine’s Day.

Bubbled wallpaper and ceiling damage

A long, hot shower might feel good but it won’t make your bathroom wallpaper look good. Over time all that steam can wrinkle your wallpaper and cause it to bubble in places. The only thing worse than that is a hidden water leak in your bathroom, which can cause potentially dangerous mold and mildew growth. Stains on the ceiling below your bathroom are among the clearest signs of a hidden water leak.

Frozen and burst piping

Did you know that a ⅛ inch crack in a pipe will spew up to 250 gallons of water a day? Burst piping can cause serious flooding, structural damage, and increases the potential for mold growth. Always winterize your plumbing to minimize the chances of frozen pipes.

Backed up toilet

An overflowing toilet caused by a clog is a surefire way to put a plug in your Valentine’s Day festivities. To prevent clogs, never flush waste such as cotton balls, old medication, and even “flushable” baby wipes down the toilet. If you do get a clog, our top notch drain cleaning service clear things up fix it in no time!

Smelly laundry

Prevent a musty laundry smell by doing your hottest load of laundry last on wash day. This can help to dissolve and wash away odor causing residue. Using cold water for laundry can reduce energy costs but cold water can make it more difficult for dirt and grime to wash away. And if you forget to dry your laundry, you might return to a stinky surprise!

BaseMent flooding

The majority of basements are likely to see some kind of water damage during their lifespan, so it’s important to make sure your sump pump is in good working order. Do this by keeping up with its maintenance and testing it regularly.

For plumbing peace of mind this Valentine’s Day and any other day of year, call Rooter-Man North Houston for all your plumbing needs!

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