Types of drain cleaning techniques available in your North Houston, Texas area

Ever wonder what goes into cleaning the drains in your home? Well, wonder no more. Rooter-Man Plumbers are here to tell you a little bit more about causes, solutions, and preventative measures for clogged drains North Houston, Texas community.


Clogs in your home’s drains can come from a variety of causes. If you have small children, they could send their toys on an adventure to unknown worlds which can cause particulates to clump and clog your drains. On the other hand, putting the wrong foods through a garbage disposal or down the drain can cause clogs as well. For example, uncooked rice will expand when water runs over it. If the rice did not flush through the pipes correctly, it will expand and clump and could cause your pipes to burst if the clog is not resolved quickly and efficiently. These are just two of the many reasons you could have for clogs in your pipes, and they may not reflect your situation. Thankfully, Rooter-Man Plumbers are just a phone call away with a solution.


Rooter-Man Plumbers offers video inspections, cable (snake) drain cleaning, and hydro jetting to help resolve your problem.

Video Inspections

If you’ve ever lost a wedding band or other items down a drain, video inspections can often help recover the lost items. Video inspections also find the root cause of slow draining pipes and clogs that just keep coming back. Video inspection pinpoints the trouble—allowing us to see the exact problem and determine the best solution to permanently solve it. It’s the most effective method available to locate suspected problem areas.

Cable (Snake) Drain Cleaning

At Rooter-Man Plumbers, we have the most modern drain cleaning equipment from small hand snakes, to drain machines capable of cleaning big sewer mains. One of our most powerful and flexible machines is the cable drain cleaning machines (also known as a “drain snake”). The cable snake drain cleaning machines clean the drain or sewer by rotating a flexible cable made of piano wire through the pipe. Attachments on the end of the cable aid in the cleaning process by scraping, boring, cutting, and retrieving the pipe blockage. Each type of pipe blockage requires the proper size cable and cutting head, and the qualified, experienced technicians at Rooter-Man know just what to do.

Hydro Jetting

Commonly, with larger area clogs in commercial and industrial properties, more power is need to clean drains; for these instances we use hydro jetting. We use extreme water pressure to both clean your pipes while it moves forward and clear the blockage while the jetting tool moves down the pipes, propelled by reverse water jets.

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