Exploring Tankless Hot Water Heater Benefits to determine if one is Right for Your North Houston Home

contrast shower with water streamOf all the energy hungry appliances in your home, your hot water heater is among the top two. They have been known to cost upwards of $800 in energy costs on the high end of the spectrum and in areas of the country that have higher than average utility rates. Why do they use so much energy? Conventional hot water heaters keep water stored and constantly heated in their tanks even when it’s not needed, which uses a lot of energy.

Energy efficiency is on the minds of homeowners across the country and tankless hot water heaters are a great way to reduce your home’s energy footprint. Since they only heat water on an as-needed basis, tankless units can lead to big energy saving. An Energy Star certified gas-powered tankless hot water heater can save a family of four $1,800 over its lifetime!

The cost to purchase and install a tankless unit is higher than a conventional one, but many homeowners feel their energy savings and benefits make it a wise investment. There are also federal rebates available on certain gas models that can help to recoup the cost.

Take a look at some of the other tankless hot water heater benefits!

Enough hot water for everyone

Running out of hot water during the winter isn’t just frustrating but it can be a downright embarrassing plumbing problem especially when you have guests! With tankless hot water heater, you’ll never have to worry about coordinating showers. Since the water is only heated when needed, there’s plenty to go around for everyone. Models with high output allow you to shower while doing other chores that require hot water.

Clearer, cleaner water

Did you know that a buildup of scale, sediment, and rust can form on the inside of a conventional hot water tank over time? This debris can have a negative impact on the clarity and quality of the water you use to cook and bathe with. Without a tank for debris to cling to, you can enjoy fresher, cleaner water with a tankless hot water heater.

More closet and floor space

Since they don’t have a bulky tank and are mounted directly on a wall, tankless hot water heaters free up valuable floor and closet space that can be used for other purposes.

Reliability you can count on

The average life expectancy of conventional hot water heaters is roughly 8-10 years whereas a tankless unit has a life expectancy that’s nearly double that! In addition, most have service warranties between 10 to 15 years, providing you with greater peace of mind.

At Rooter-Man, we understand the decision to install a tankless hot water heater is a big one, but it’s one our friendly and experienced plumbers are happy to help with. Our water heater service can help you weigh your options to decide if a tankless unit is a good fit for you. Call us today!

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