Is Your Plumbing Haunted or Does It Just Need a Plumbing Repair?

Toilet MonsterNot every creepy noise you hear after dark is a ghost or a monster. Sometimes there is a reasonable explanation for a thud or a pop or a bang. Don’t think the worst–our Tomball and North Houston plumbers are here to explain why sometimes plumbing goes bump in the night!!

#1 – You hear a gurgle in your sink after you flush the toilet. No, it’s not a 12-eyed sewer monster sneaking up your plumbing pipe to steal all your cans of Spam. Your sink may not be properly vented, so when you flush the toilet, it tries to draw air from the sink into the drain line. Gurgling drains can also be signs that you need drain cleaning. 

#2 – You hear a trickle or dripping after everyone has gone to bed. No, it’s not Casper washing his ghostly-white hands. You probably have a water leak. If you don’t see water or stains anywhere and you don’t see a leaky faucet, you may have a water leak inside a pipe or plumbing fixture. A toilet, for instance, can have a leak that causes it to run and run as it stealthily wastes water. Call Rooter-Man Plumbers for leak detection, so that you’re not spending extra money each month on water you didn’t even get to use!

#3 – You hear a loud, startling banging noise. No, it’s not a ghost browsing for a snack in the kitchen. It’s probably a water hammer—a reverberation noise caused when high-pressured water comes to a stop in your plumbing pipes. Plumbing systems in Tomball usually have air chambers that prevent this shockwave from occurring, but sometimes they become waterlogged. Because water hammers can lead to burst pipes and failed pipe fittings, you’ll want to contact your local plumber to install a new air chamber or pressure-relieving valve.

While these plumbing problems are not as scary as horror movie villains, they can still cause some damages. Talk to Rooter-Man Plumbers about whatever plumbing issue you have so that we can perform the plumbing repair or plumbing installation that will be the long-term solution!

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