Spring Plumbing Checklist for Magnolia, Tomball, & Beyond

Springtime is an excellent time to get your home clean, organized, and ready for summer. After a long, chilly winter it’s great to take some time to reset your home and make sure everything feels right and is working properly. At our Tomball plumbing company, we believe that spring is also the perfect time to check up on your home’s plumbing to ensure that nothing has become damaged over the winter months. With Rooter-Man’s handy plumbing checklist, you’ll know what to look at, and if you find yourself in need of a plumbing repair or plumbing installation, you’ll know who to call as well!

Magnolia, Tomball, & Northern Houston Spring Plumbing Checklist from Rooter-Man:

  1. Check for leaky or dripping faucets. Even a small leak on your kitchen or bathroom faucet can cost you significant money on your water bill. If you find a leak, contact Rooter-Man for a faucet repair or faucet replacement.
  2. Deal with toilet flushing issues. Have you been ignoring a problem with your toilet? Do you have to hold down or jiggle the handle? Now is your chance to eliminate this annoyance.  You may just need to replace an inexpensive worn part—if you need help with toilet repair give us a call.
  3. Inspect plumbing pipes. If a plumbing pipe under your sink, under your home, or in your basement has sprung a leak, it’s costing you money. If you’ve received an unusually high water bill, but can’t find a water leak, it’s time to contact Rooter-Man for leak detection.
  4. Find out how old your water heater is. The first four digits of your water heater’s serial number often indicate the month and year it was manufactured. If your water heater is 15 years or older, you may want to think about water heater replacement. A water heater that old is most likely nearing the end of its life, and a newer water heater will be much more energy efficient.
  5. Make sure your sump pump is working properly. Dump a couple buckets of water into your sump pump’s pit.  It should turn on, drain the water, and shut off when it’s done. If it doesn’t engage and drain the water, you’ll want to get a sump pump repair or replacement before a time comes when you really need it to work!

Our Tomball plumbers hope these suggestions will help you to get started checking out your home’s plumbing this spring. And as always, Rooter-Man is here to help you out with any kind of plumbing service you may need in Magnolia, Tomball, or North Houston. Happy Spring!

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