Solving Water Quality issues in North Houston, TX

For Rooterman Plumbing, water quality in North Houston, TX is a priority. We are always reading and learning about the latest technology to ensure our residential and commercial clients have the highest quality water filtration systems available. For those who don’t know, unfiltered tap water can cause a number of problems such as itchy skin, rust stains on appliances, and stains on freshly washed dishes. Unfiltered water contains a higher amount of minerals and deposits that a filter can remove. If you find yourself experiencing any of the problems above, give our friendly, licensed technicians a call, today.

If you schedule a maintenance inspection to test your water quality, we will evaluate the following things:

  1. The age of your current system
  2. The quality of water from taps in your home
  3. The Ph level of your property’s water

These tests will provide us with all the data we need to properly determine the best solution for your poor water quality. You may need a new filter, a water softener, or have another plumbing problem. If so, we will provide a free estimate on the spot and work with you to determine the best course of action to ensure your property has the highest quality water possible.

No matter what problem you may experience with the quality of your water, the plumbers at Rooterman Plumbing  have the tools, knowledge, and experience to handle all your plumbing installation, repairs and maintenance. For testimonials, money saving tips,  and coupons visit us on the web.  When you have a problem its Rooter Man plumbers to the rescue!

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