Professional Drain Cleaning Eliminates Even the Most Persistent Clogs

Whether you are looking for professional drain cleaning for your home’s pipe system or you have an industrial or commercial property with heavy-duty needs, Rooter-Man Plumbers can assist with state-of-the-art inspection tools and techniques.

High-Tech Video Inspections

In addition to other leak detection techniques, our plumbing company employs video-inspection equipment to pinpoint leaks with minimal disruption to your house or property. This highly effective method can quickly detect a variety of obstructions and other issues:

  • Offset pipes
  • Cracked, broken, or collapsed pipes
  • Location and type of blockage
  • Leaking joints and cracked seals
  • Bellied or sunken pipe sections
  • Internal corrosion or deterioration

Expert Drain Clearing Services

Our plumbers have access to the full range of up-to-date drain cleaning equipment, from hand snakes for residential clogs to drain machines that can clear large sewer mains. Our cable cleaning machines (also called “drain snakes”) employ a flexible piano-wire cable tipped with attachments that work to clear a blockage by boring, cutting, scraping, and retrieving the obstructing debris. Our professional technicians can quickly assess the size of cable and type of cutting head needed to clear your particular kind of blockage and prevent clogs from reoccurring. For larger area clogs and some kinds of substance-specific residential clogs, we can employ high-powered hydro-jetting tools capable of breaking down blockages while scouring out debris.

Our Clean Guarantee

Drain cleaning can be a messy process, so at Rooter-Man Plumbers our technicians make an extra effort to minimize disruption and have your pipes cleared as quickly and simply as possible. To speak with one of our friendly representatives, contact our nearest local office:

The Woodlands & Shenandoah: 281-367-9191
Magnolia & Tomball: 281-351-4422
Cy-Fair & Cypress: 281-477-7000
Klein & Spring: 281-353-1717
Conroe & Willis: 936-271-5084

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