Is My Plumbing in North Houston Making My Water Smell Bad?

Smelly water is never a good thing. Who wants to shower in smelly water? Who wants to drink it? If your water has an unpleasant odor, it could have bacteria in it, and, although the bacteria may not physically harm you, you’ll need to banish the bacteria to get rid of the stink! Don’t worry, your Magnolia and North Houston plumbers are here to help you find out where the smell is coming from.

Is my water heater making my water smell bad?

Pour two glasses of water from your tap, one cold, one hot. Now step away from the sink, swirl the water around, and give each a good sniff. Does only the glass of hot water smell bad? If so, your water heater is creating the odor. Here are some things you can do to fix it:

Crank your water heater up to 160 degrees to kill the odor-causing bacteria. Just remember to turn the temperature back down again so that no one gets scalded!

Consult your local plumber about replacing your water heater’s magnesium rod if it has one.

Flush and disinfect the water heater.

Is my water softener making my water smell bad?

Compare the water that comes from your plumbing fixtures that utilitize your water softener to the water that comes from your other fixtures. If only the softened water has an odor, then there are probably bacteria growing in your water softener. You’ll want to clean, sanitize, and thoroughly flush out your water softener to remedy the problem.

Could the unpleasant odor be coming from my drain?

Sometimes people misperceive that their water smells when really the odor is coming out of their drains. Pour some water and take it far away from your drains and then smell it to be sure it’s the water. If it turns out the odor is actually exuding from your drains, you’ll need to flush and disinfect them to remove drain buildup.

The plumbers at Rooter-Man hope that this information helps you to locate the source of odor in your home. If you don’t believe your drains, water heater or water softener are to blame, you may want to contact your water supply company or have your well water tested. For plumbing service in Magnolia and North Houston, call Rooter-Man today!

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