Plumbers in Magnolia & Tomball Wish You Wouldn’t Do These 5 Things to Your Plumbing

If you call a Tomball plumbing company because you need a toilet repair, drain cleaning, or a garbage disposal repair, it would be mean for the plumber to say well you shouldn’t have… done whatever it is you did wrong. But our Tomball plumbers thought, ya know what would be nice? To tell our valued customers about the things they shouldn’t do to their plumbing before problems arise! So here ya go:

The 5 Things People Do to Their Plumbing That Make Tomball Plumbers Shudder

  1. Treat the garbage disposal like a dumpster. Though garbage disposers can handle a lot of scraps and tidbits, they too have their limitations. Steer clear of loading your garbage disposal with things like celery, corn husks, glass, metal, plastic, cigarette butts, large bones, grease, and cooking oil. Also, do your garbage disposer a favor, and run some cold water down the drain while it’s operating.
  2. Assume the washing machine hose will last forever. Washing machine and dishwasher hoses wear out over time and can sometimes burst. Replace old hoses with shiny new stainless steal ones to avoid a flood.
  3. Attempt to clean their drains with harsh chemicals. Those store-bought chemicals rarely work, can damage plumbing pipes, and can seriously injure you if you get them in your eyes or on your skin. Skip the troubles and hazards by opting for professional drain cleaning service when needed. Also, a little drain maintenance can help you prevent drain clogs.
  4. Flush materials that are bound to clog the drain pipe. Unfortunately, not all “flushable” items live up to their name. Feminine care products, baby wipes, paper towels, make-up removing pads, and cat litter are notorious for causing toilet troubles, so just toss those items into the trash as often as possible.
  5. Cleanse the toilet with drop-in toilet fresheners. That lovely shade of blue toilet water may be appealing but these fresheners can actually wear out the functioning parts inside the toilet tank. Avoid needing toilet repairs by leaving these fresheners on the shelf at the store.

Rooter-Man Plumbers are proud to be your plumbing’s best friends in Magnolia, Tomball, Conroe, Cy-Fair, Klein, and the surrounding areas. Just give us a call for plumbing service, plumbing installations, and repairs. And remember, the better you treat your plumbing, the better it will treat you!

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