Leaky Water Heater Got You Down?

Finding a puddle of water on your wood floor can be a hassle, but it is more common than you might guess. Leaks in the home waste nearly 900 billion gallons of water annually across the US. That’s enough water to serve 11 million households’ water needs for an entire year!

Leaky Water Heater Got You Down

But whether your leak is due to corrosion, a broken drain valve, loose connections, or faulty temperature valves – Rooterman has the quick fixes you need to avoid damage and save water!

Leak Be Gone!

As soon as you notice the leak, turn its shut-off valve to the right to stop any additional water flow into the tank. Then cut your power.

  • For Gas Heaters: On your thermostat there will be a dial. Switch it to OFF or PILOT to shut off the gas so that you can work on your water heater safely. 
  • For Electric Heaters: On your breaker panel, find the switch that says “water heater,” and turn it off. 

Drain The Water Heater

Next step is to drain the tank. Now bear with us, this part is a little involved.

  1. First you’ll need to grab a garden hose. 
  2. Then go back to your water heater and locate the drain valve near the bottom and attach your hose to it. 
  3. Run the hose either outside, to a floor drain or a sump pump. 
  4. Then open the valve and run a hot water faucet anywhere in your home in order to break the vacuum seal. It should take around 45 minutes to an hour to drain completely. 

The final step is to call in the experts. If you live near the North Houston area, call Rooter-man at 281.351.4422, where 60 years of plumbing experience meets customer-friendly, 24/7 service.

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