Knowing When You Need a Plumber

Rooter-Man Plumbers will be there when you’re in need of professional, licensed and experienced plumbers in Tomball, but we realize that sometimes it can be difficult to determine when you need a plumber. Some clogs and leaks can be taken care of in a few steps, but others call for a more experienced touch.

Don’t Do-It-Yourself

Attempting to take care of home plumbing problems on your own is fine, but there are some cases where you can actually do more harm than good. For instance, if you’re unable to get to a clog, you can actually push it deeper down the drain. Rusted pipes inside of the walls of your home will need to be taken care of by a professional who has the proper license and training.

Additional Problems That Require a Plumber

Other home plumbing problems that will require the touch of plumbers in Tomball include:

  • Repairing and replacing drains
  • Any main line issues
  • Plumbing remodeling projects
  • Pressure balance/pressure valve issues

When in Doubt…

If you ever even think that you might need a plumber, it’s probably best that you call one. After all, you wouldn’t hesitate to call a fireman if your home is on fire or 911 if someone is having a heart attack. Knowing when you’re out of your depth when it comes to plumbing problems can save you a lot of time, frustration and possibly even money. Plumbers have the education and experience to properly diagnose plumbing problems.

Rooter-Man Plumbers is just a phone call away should you ever find yourself in need of experienced plumbers in Tomball. Pick up the phone and contact us at 281-351-4422 the next time you find a lake where your bathroom or kitchen used to be, or if you ever have a particularly stubborn clog.

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