Know your pipes! Plastic pipes in your North Houston, Texas home.

Plumbing pipes are great! They come in all different shapes, sizes, colors and materials. Some materials are better for certain jobs. Pipes either come in metal or plastic. Both have their strengths and weaknesses. In today’s blog we are going to talk about the most common plastic plumbing pipes you find in your North Houston, Texas home or business.

The most common plastic plumbing pipes in your home and business are ABS, PolyPipe®,, PVC, CPVC and PEX pipe. Each has their own strengths or weaknesses and are used for different jobs. ABS and PolyPipe®, are black and rigid and are used to normally transport highly pressurized waste water. They are found buried outside and because of their rigidness are not normally used for anything else. They are also used for venting and drains in mobile home plumbing and bathrooms. PVC and CPVC pipe are used to transport water in the home and from the water source. PVC pipe cannot handle hot water because it will warp. Because of CPVC extra chlorination it can handle both cold and hot water. CPVC pipe is also more flexible and less prone to leaking, but because of its extra chlorination people worry about its chemicals leaching into bath and drinking water. Still, CPVC pipe is commonly used and can be used for a variety of jobs. The last type of plastic plumbing pipe is PEX pipe. PEX pipe was originally invented in the 1920’s but hasn’t become widely used until now. It is hose like, very flexible and easy to install. Because of the price increase for copper piping many homeowners are choosing PEX piping because of its cost effectiveness. It is similar to copper piping and is very heat and cold resistant. Because it is flexible there are less pipe leaks and less buildup so maintenance is easy. It’s one major limitation is that it is UV sensitive and cannot be used outdoors. Also, some are concerned about its chemical’s leaching into drinking and bath water. Leaching is always a concern and a good one to have. It is best to consult a plumbing expert from Rooter Man plumbing when it comes to pipe choice and its effect on water quality. They have the research and experience to give you the best information possible.

Pipes can be very complex and choosing the right pipe for the job is important for your health and home’s safety. If you have any concerns about the plumbing pipes in your home you can always call a Rooter Man expert with your questions. And look for our next blog where we discuss the metal pipes.

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