Hot Water Burn Prevention for Water Heaters in North Houston

Although people don’t hear the word scald very often, children often experience this type of injury when a North Houston home’s water heater temperature is too high. Because the water heater is out of sight, it’s easy to forget it’s there until it breaks down; however, checking the temperature and scheduling yearly maintenance can help prevent injury to children and damage to the home. Most scalds are considered first or second degree burns, but third degree burns can occur with prolonged contact—like a shower. Because September is National Baby Safety Month, we wanted to tell our customers how to change the temperature of their residential or commercial water heater to ensure every child is safe interacting with water indoors. First, you should locate the gauge, usually a dial of some sort, and it may be behind a metal plate that easily comes off by removing a few screws. Once you find the dial, you should verify that it is set to “warm” or 120°F to minimize the chances of a child being injured by the hot water. If you detect any problems with your water heater, or are unsure how to adjust or check your water heater’s temperature, give the knowledgeable technicians at Rooterman Plumbing a call. We know you want to make sure your home or business is a blessing to the children around you and we believe that is a worthy pursuit (Mark 10:13-16).

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