Horror of Horrors: Burst Washing Machine Hoses in North Houston, TX

Water damage falls just ahead of fires as the leader for causing damage to the inside of an individual’s property. For our residential customers in North Houston, TX, washing machine hoses are the leading cause of damage to your homes. Thankfully, Rooterman is here to provide a few steps to keep floods from appearing where they are not wanted (kinda like making sure vampires aren’t invited into your homes this Halloween season).

Washing machine hoses are either flexible rubber hoses or stainless-steel reinforced rubber hoses. They connect the water source to the washing machine so that the machine can use the water to clean the laundry. Usually, washing machines come with a low quality hose that should be exchanged for a higher quality hose (about $20-$40 a pair). Now, some high quality hoses will claim they are “burst-proof,” but, like gremlins and goblins, this is a fairytale. One way the hoses fail is because they become crimped. When installing the hoses, be sure there is at least 4 inches between the water source and the installation point on the washer. This prevents the washing machine from crimping the hose and causing damage. Another way you can prevent a burst hose nightmare is to have the hoses and connections regularly inspected and replaced—usually every 3-5 years. During the routine inspection, a technician from Rooterman will check your hoses and connectors for leaks, damage, and blockages. You can check with a licensed Rooterman Plumber to see what hoses they recommend.

Water is the powerful and relentless when it comes to destroying your property. scariest and most relentless of property destroyers. Prevention is your greatest asset in keeping your home’s arch nemesis at bay. Call the friendly technicians at Rooter-Man Plumbing today to schedule a routine plumbing exam on your home this Halloween season.

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