Frightful Plumbing Noises in North Houston, TX

When a bang, clang, pop, or rumble breaks the silence in your North Houstonhome, you might be a little bit startled.  This Halloween, you might even get a chill up your spine.  But the local North Houston, TX plumbers at Rooter-Man won’t have our valued customers’ children running to hide under the covers so easily—we’re exposing the spooky racket for what it really is:  noisy plumbing!

Plumbing noises occur for a variety of reasons, and the only thing spooky about them is that usually a plumbing noise is an announcement that a plumbing repair is needed.  By following the noise to its source, our certified plumbers in North Houston can determine the problem and then the solution.

There are a couple of problems with water heaters that will make a noise.  The first is a buildup of sediment at the bottom of a water heater.  When the sediment heats up, it releases steam into the tank water, producing a rumbling or popping sound.  Because this sediment can cause a water heater to corrode over time, Rooter-Man recommends having your water heater flushed and the buildup removed.  The second water heater issue occurs when your water heater’s temperature is set to high.  If you run hot water and you hear a knocking sound coming from your pipes, it’s because steam is making its way through your hot water system.  You can try turning down the temperature of your hot water heater to relieve this noise.

Another common plumbing noise is called a water hammer.  When you are running water in your North Houstonhome, high-pressured water flows through your plumbing pipes.  When you turn off the faucet, the high-pressured water must stop suddenly, and this can cause a shockwave and the hammering noise.  If this is happening in your home you may want to have Rooter-Man install a pressure-relieving valve or air chamber to prevent this constant water pressure in your plumbing pipes.  The noise serves as a warning that there is too much pressure and a pipe could burst or a fitting could fail.

Lastly, sometimes a banging noise is caused when a pipe strikes something in its vicinity.  Run water and see if you can locate where the banging noise is coming from.  You may be able to place a buffer between the pipe and the material that it is striking.  Good buffers include padding, foam insulation, or rubber.  If this doesn’t work, or you’re unable to locate the noise, contact Rooter-Man and we’ll find the solution.

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