Do You Know How to Fix Leaky Shower Plumbing?

Indoor plumbing is an excellent convenience and most people who have access to it would be hard pressed to survive without it. However, with the convenience of having running water at your fingertips comes a few potential problems. For example, do you know how to fix leaky shower plumbing? If you do not, our experts at Rooter-Man Plumbers can help.

Quick Guide to Fixing Leaks

There is a reason that people must go through a great deal of training to learn the trade of plumbing: it can be quite difficult plus it requires special knowledge and tools to complete projects successfully. If you are wondering how to fix leaky shower plumbing, do not go barging in without doing some research first. Here are some general guidelines about fixing leaks:

  1. Get specific instructions for removing your particular shower fixtures. There are many different types of heads and handles that may require a special tool or set of steps to remove and replace.
  2. Turn off the water. Your repair project could end with a small flood if you do not perform this step.
  3. Remove the leaking shower head, faucet, or handle. This is where those instructions from earlier will come into play.
  4. Install a new cartridge or rubber gasket. This is the part located under the shower head or handle.
  5. Replace removed hardware and check for leaks.
  6. Call a professional if you get lost or are not able to repair the leak.

Schedule a Home Visit From a Plumber

When the process is broken down into a few steps, it can seem like a piece of cake to complete, but many people discover that plumbing can be more complicated than that. If you find that you cannot figure out how to fix leaky shower plumbing or need some extra guidance, get help with your plumbing repair as soon as possible. Call us at Rooter-Man Plumbers at 281-351-4422 to reach our Magnolia/Tomball office.

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