5 Tips to Prep Your House Plumbing System for Christmas

As December approaches, you’re likely preparing for a few festive gatherings; however, your house plumbing system will be putting in overtime to handle all the extra cooking, flushing, showering, and washing. That’s on top of the additional strain from colder weather. At Rooter-Man Plumbers, we encourage all homeowners to make sure your plumbing is geared up for the holidays.

Secure Outdoor Lines

Disconnect all hoses and sprinkler systems in the fall. If you have an air compressor, you might want to carefully clear out your sprinkler lines to rid them of excess water. Ensure that outdoor spigots and fixtures are clear of leaks, and address any problems before the weather turns cold. Insulate any exposed pipes with sleeves or wrapping, including those in your garage or crawl space.

Clear Your Gutters

Ensure that rain water has an unrestricted flow so it doesn’t collect on your roof or gutters. Be sure to regularly clear out leaves as they accumulate throughout the fall.

Prep Your Bathroom

Having extra guests with apple cider means your house plumbing system stays busy. Try to spread out your showers throughout the day, and clear your shower head of mineral deposits to avoid a false decrease in pressure.

Prep Your Kitchen

Always avoid pouring cooking oil down your kitchen sink. Likewise, don’t block your garbage disposal with stringy foods or fruit pits. You also might want to run the dishwasher overnight to maintain water pressure for your house guests.

Have Your Water Heater Inspected

A professional inspection is the best way to ensure that your water heater lasts through the winter. With that, you might also consider an inspection on the sewage, furnace, and septic systems.

Don’t risk a broken water line as you’re carving up that turkey; keep your house plumbing system battle-ready. For more great winterization tips, get in touch with Rooter-Man Plumbers at 281.351.4422.

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