5 Places You Might Be Without the Innovative Plumbers of the Past

Every March 11th, our Magnolia and North Houston plumbing company celebrates World Plumbing Day. How do you celebrate World Plumbing Day? You take time to appreciate the conveniences and safety that would not be possible without the modern plumbing systems developed and installed by plumbers of the past and present. There are many plumbing inventions that we rely on everyday. Without modern plumbing systems, we wouldn’t be the developed country we are today and our lives would be quite different.

5 Places Where You Might Be If Ground-Breaking Plumbers Never Existed

Walking Into Your House with a Bucket of Water – You don’t have a faucet linked to interior plumbing pipes, so you headed out to your well with a bucket to fetch some water for drinking, bathing, and cleaning.

Bathing in a Tub of Lukewarm Dirty Bathwater – Before the invention of the water heater and shower, people had to heat water on the stove and fill up a tub. You were last in a long line of family members so the water is less than ideal.

Scrubbing Clothes at the River – Laundry machines have made washing clothes and linens easy peasy. Right now, you’re working that grape juice stain out while sitting on a rock down by the river with your washboard.

Sitting in a Cold Outhouse – You had to use the restroom in the middle of a frigid winter night. There’s no toilet in your home, so you threw on your boots, coat, and gloves and headed out into the elements and then took a chilly seat inside the outhouse. Your teeth chatter while you do your business.

Six feet underground– Insufficient water treatment and sanitary systems have left the drinking water contaminated with deadly bacteria. You were thirsty. End of story.

Phew! Don’t worry, hundreds of years of plumbing innovations helped you be where you are today! At Rooter-Man Plumbers, we’ll continue to strive to make residential and commercial plumbing systems https://www.rootermantx.com/commercial-plumbing/ safer and more convenient. By performing plumbing upgrades like low-flow toilet and tankless water heater installation in Magnolia and North Houston, we do our part to further improve upon the many inventions of our plumbing predecessors! Happy World Plumbing Day!

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