5 Inexpensive Household Items That Will Keep Your Drains Clear of Clogs

Sinks, tubs, and drains often fall victim to the common hair ball and foreign object. And while unfortunately we can’t prevent all clogs from happening, there are a few ways to avoid the most common clog culprits from taking hold within your plumbing.

Inexpensive Household Items That Will Keep Your Drains Clear of Clogs

If you’re tired of plunging or pulling stray hairs from your sink or shower drains, here are a few inexpensive household items that will keep your drains clear of clogs!

  1. Shower drain hair catcher. This brilliant invention is like a strainer for your shower drain. The design allows for water to easily pass down the drain while preventing hair and other objects from going through. And since they’re inexpensive, adding a drain hair catcher to each shower is a great bang for your buck.
  2. Beard trimming mat. When you simply can’t make the trip to the barbershop and have to take matters into your own hands, be sure to protect your drains from beard clippings! A simple beard trimming mat helps to catch falling hair and allows for quick and easy clean-up. You’ll thank us next time you don’t have to unclog a slow-draining sink.
  3. Hairbrush. This one might sound too simple to be true, but trust us! A quick brush of your hair before you get into the shower lessens the amount of stray strands that drop while you suds up. The less hair that falls, the less chance you have of creating a clog in the shower drain.
  4. Sink drain hair catcher. These hair catchers come in many shapes, colors, and sizes – but they all perform the same basic job: keep hair and debris out of the sink drain so they won’t wreak havoc on your plumbing systems.
  5. Zip-It Tool – Remember when we said you can’t always prevent a clog from happening? Well, when one does, the first tool you should try is the Zip-It. When inserted into the drain, the small barbs are very effective at grabbing on to hair, so you can pull the clump back up.

Do you have any of these household items? Share your best life hacks to prevent common clogs in the comments section of this post!

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