5 Foods to Never Put Down Your Garbage Disposal

You, like most people, probably use your garbage disposal on a daily basis to make cleanup after meals easier. But did you know there are some items you should never put down your garbage disposal?

Garbage Disposal

At RooterMan Plumbers, we want to help you avoid damage to your disposal and pipes, so we’ve put together a list of five items you should never put down your garbage disposal. In the meantime, if you have any questions or need plumbing services, don’t hesitate to give us a call!

Here are 5 foods to avoid putting down your garbage disposal:

1. Bones

2. Coffee grounds

3. Eggshells

4. Fibrous produce

5. Grease, oil or fat


Most bones, except fish bone, are too tough and can damage the blades of your disposal. If you have a garbage disposal, avoid putting any type of bone down it, including chicken, beef, pork, and turkey bones. These bones will only get stuck in your drain as they usually don’t break down in your garbage disposal unit.

Coffee grounds

Coffee grounds can cause problems for your garbage disposal because they can clog up your pipes. Even if you have a septic system, it’s best to avoid putting coffee grounds down your drain. While it may appear that they’ll go away with ease, they actually can accumulate over time and cause a blockage.


You might think eggshells are harmless, but they can actually be quite harmful to your garbage disposal. Eggshells have a thin membrane that can wrap around the blades of your disposal and cause problems. In addition, eggshells can also add to the growth of bacteria in your drain. If you must dispose of eggshells, do so in the trash.

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Fibrous produce

Vegetables such as celery, onion, garlic and artichokes can cause problems for your garbage disposal. These vegetables have long, stringy fibers that can wrap around the blades of your disposal and cause them to jam. If you must put these items down your garbage disposal, make sure to do so in small amounts and run plenty of water to help move them through the blades.

Grease, oil or fat

Grease, oil and fat can solidify in your pipes and cause a blockage. To avoid this, never pour grease, oil or fat down your drain. Instead, wipe it up with a paper towel and throw it in the trash. Alternatively, pour excess grease, oil or fat into a can. When the can is full, throw it in the trash.

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