Water Conservation

Mold On White Ceiling And Heat PipeHidden water leaks can cause serious problems around your home. They can damage walls, ceilings, floors, or even a home’s foundation. Furthermore, leaks waste water constantly and will drive up the cost your water bills. So, it’s extremely important that you find water leaks as early as possible to minimize damages and expense, but how do you find a water leak that doesn’t make itself apparent? All you need to do is watch for these signs of a hidden water leak and contact Rooter-Man Plumbers for leak detection service in Tomball! 

Signs of Hidden Water Leaks in Tomball

Mold, Mildew, & Musty Odors – Mold and mildew love to grow in the damp space created by a water leak. If you clean and clean but are still dealing with a musty odor in your home, it’s time to call for leak detection service.

Unusually High Water Bills – Your water bills should remain somewhat steady so long as your usage does. If you receive a bill that has skyrocketed in cost since the last, you probably have a leak.

Discolored Flooring & Wet Spots – Take time to inspect the floors in your kitchen and bathroom. Discolored areas may indicate that there is a leak nearby.

Running Water Sounds – You’ve probably heard that you can tell your toilet is leaking if it runs constantly. Other running water sounds that occur when you are not using water are signs of leaks as well.

Poor Water Pressure – A crack in your plumbing pipe will allow water to escape before reaching your plumbing fixtures, thereby decreasing your water pressure. 

Foundation Cracks – While it is normal for some cracks to occur as your home settles over the years, cracks that suddenly appear may indicate that a water leak is weakening your home’s structural components.

Rooter-Man Plumbers can help you deal with water leaks every step of the way. From leak detection to pipe repairs and pipe replacements in Tomball, we’ll fix your water leak so that you can stop paying for wasted water. If you spot a sign of a water leak at your home, give us a call right away before the problem gets worse!

Hose flexible metal braid on a white backgroundAs a homeowner, you want to take good care of your home by preventing water damages and other problems that can arise. Many people know to check for water leaks around plumbing fixtures and to replace water heaters if they begin to rust significantly, but worn out washing machine hoses are often overlooked. Because burst washing machine hoses are one of the most common causes of residential water damages, our The Woodlands plumbers want to share with you a few tips on caring for your hoses.

Tips for Preventing a Burst Washing Machine Hose

  • Never run a load of laundry when you’re not home.
  • Place your washing machine at least four inches away from the wall to prevent the hoses from bending and kinking.
  • Inspect your washing machine hoses monthly. Pay special attention to the portion closest to the connection.
  • Look for signs of wear including blisters, stress cracks, and worn tubing.
  • Check to make sure hose connections are not loose. If needed, tighten these connections.
  • Replace your hoses every three to five years or anytime you see signs of wear.
  • Note that deterioration can occur from the inside out, so even if you don’t notice wear you should still replace your hoses regularly.
  • Turn off the hot and cold water valves anytime you will be out of town for several days.
  • Consider replacing rubber washing machine hoses with stainless steel braided hoses which are less likely to burst.

Preventing a burst washing machine hose could save you thousands of dollars in water damage repairs. It’s simple to inspect them, easy to replace them, and well worth the effort! For help finding water leaks or for other plumbing services in The Woodlands, give Rooter-Man Plumbers a call today!

Interior ToiletWhether you hear your toilet running long after it was last flushed or you see water has leaked out of your toilet onto your bathroom floor, it’s time to call in a plumber to help. These types of issues only get worse, so you’ll want to get the toilet repair you need before the situation becomes more serious. Our Conroe plumbers are here to answer some commonly asked questions about toilet problems, so that you can find the solution that’s right for you.

Why won’t my toilet stop running?
If you hear your toilet running at random times when it hasn’t been recently flushed, you may have a worn-out toilet valve. These valves can harden over time, allowing water to leak from the toilet tank into the toilet bowl. This can be a big waste of water and can become a more serious problem if left unrepaired. Usually our Conroe plumbing company is able to swap out the aged parts for new ones, so that you don’t have to purchase a replacement toilet. 

Why is my toilet leaking?
Toilets leak for a variety of reasons. Sometimes the wax ring needs to be replaced. Other times there is a crack in the porcelain or a pipe has rusted and sprung a leak. Our expert plumbers will examine your toilet to determine if it can be repaired or if you need to have a new toilet installed. Toilet leaks can get messy, and they’ll drive up the cost of your water bill, so don’t put off getting a toilet repair.

Rooter-Man Plumbers have been coming to the rescue since 1997, and we know how to do a toilet repair right the first time. If you’re not experienced with toilet repairs, don’t attempt this project alone because it could easily become more trouble than it’s worth. We’re here to help you with any toilet repair, and we can also help you to choose a new toilet if needed. We install all types of toilets including handicap toilets and low-flow toilets.  You can conserve water in Conroe and save money on your water bills by getting toilet and other water leaks fixed right away!

Wasting MoneyIf everyone chose high-efficiency plumbing fixtures, the world would save millions of gallons of precious water a year. Unfortunately, many green plumbing fixtures have gotten a bad rap, and many people are reluctant to purchase them. At Rooter-Man Plumbers, we believe in conserving water in Tomball, North Houston, and the surrounding areas, and we think that dispelling some of the myths about low-flow fixtures will help!

Low-Flow Showerheads in Tomball & North Houston

The biggest myth about low-flow showerheads is that they perform poorly by delivering a weak, inefficient stream of water that will cause your showers to be less enjoyable. This is simply not the case. Utilizing a low-flow showerhead will not alter your water pressure. You’ll still get full water coverage and a strong spray; there will just be less water coming out of the showerhead each minute. You could use 50% less water each time you shower, while still getting clean and enjoying your shower fully!

Low-Flow Toilets in Tomball & North Houston

The myths about low-flow toilets are based in reality—an old reality. The first-generation low-flow toilets of the early 1990s had some problems. They clogged more easily, the bowls needed to be cleaned more frequently, and sometimes a second flush was needed to get rid of all the waste. However, improved technology and design have made these problems a thing of the past. You can expect today’s low-flow toilets to function very well, and you won’t have to worry about needing to double-flush.

When it comes time to replace your toilet or showerhead, consider the facts, not the myths. You can conserve water and save money on your water bills while still having a fully functional plumbing fixture. Go green in 2015 by getting a high-efficiency plumbing fixture installation from Rooter-Man Plumbers!