Plumbing Problems

ToiletYou’ll be in a big trouble this Valentine’s Day if you forget to give your significant other something special, but you’ll be in even bigger trouble if you neglect your plumbing system! Plumbing problems and the water damage are the worst heartache to suffer on Valentine’s Day or any time of year! You can minimize the chances of having to experience a plumbing emergency by being proactive about plumbing maintenance.

Whether you wake up to a plumbing emergency on Valentine’s Day or are concerned about a leaky faucet next month, you can always count on Rooter-Man North Houston to come to the rescue! With over 60 years of plumbing knowledge, you can trust our skilled plumbers to handle all of your plumbing problems and concerns. Our range of plumbing services cover a number of plumbing issues, from plumbing emergencies to routine inspections.

Here’s how heartless plumbing problems and water damage can be on Valentine’s Day.

Bubbled wallpaper and ceiling damage

A long, hot shower might feel good but it won’t make your bathroom wallpaper look good. Over time all that steam can wrinkle your wallpaper and cause it to bubble in places. The only thing worse than that is a hidden water leak in your bathroom, which can cause potentially dangerous mold and mildew growth. Stains on the ceiling below your bathroom are among the clearest signs of a hidden water leak.

Frozen and burst piping

Did you know that a ⅛ inch crack in a pipe will spew up to 250 gallons of water a day? Burst piping can cause serious flooding, structural damage, and increases the potential for mold growth. Always winterize your plumbing to minimize the chances of frozen pipes.

Backed up toilet

An overflowing toilet caused by a clog is a surefire way to put a plug in your Valentine’s Day festivities. To prevent clogs, never flush waste such as cotton balls, old medication, and even “flushable” baby wipes down the toilet. If you do get a clog, our top notch drain cleaning service clear things up fix it in no time!

Smelly laundry

Prevent a musty laundry smell by doing your hottest load of laundry last on wash day. This can help to dissolve and wash away odor causing residue. Using cold water for laundry can reduce energy costs but cold water can make it more difficult for dirt and grime to wash away. And if you forget to dry your laundry, you might return to a stinky surprise!

BaseMent flooding

The majority of basements are likely to see some kind of water damage during their lifespan, so it’s important to make sure your sump pump is in good working order. Do this by keeping up with its maintenance and testing it regularly.

For plumbing peace of mind this Valentine’s Day and any other day of year, call Rooter-Man North Houston for all your plumbing needs!

Detail of water attachment to the washing machine.Are you planning to get away this winter? ‘Tis almost the season for holiday visits with family, catching some fresh powder on the slopes, or just getting out of town for a while. While all of these are excellent ways to break away from it all, it’s important not to forget about your plumbing before you go! Even here in Texas, the unpredictability of winter cold fronts can take a toll on your home’s plumbing while you’re away.

Our number one goal at Rooter-Man is to protect your home, that’s why we’re proud to offer a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. Our screened, professional North Houston plumbers have the know-how and tools to tackle a variety of plumbing problems, including help you prepare your plumbing before you go on vacation.

Follow these easy vacation plumbing tips to get your plumbing ready before you go on!

Leave your heat on

Even though it’s really tempting to turn your off while you’re gone in order to save both energy and money, it’s not really worth it. Shut off your heat and you run the risk of having your pipes freeze, or worse, burst! All it takes is one cold front or hard freeze like last winter and you just might have frozen pipes on your hands! To avoid this, keep your heat on at a minimum of 55 degrees Fahrenheit.

Check out your washing machine’s hoses

Washing machine hoses see a lot of wear and tear and only have a life expectancy of about 3 years. During this time major calcium build up can happen and cracks can form, causing leaks and other problems. Stop to take a good look at your washing machine’s hoses before you go so you can spot any potential issues. If you find anything, don’t ignore! Call us immediately!

Send your water heater on vacation too!

Not literally of course, but water heaters have a vacation mode that can be turned on before you leave. If your water heater isn’t equipped with this option, simply turn it off. Both options not only save power and therefore money, but they also reduce the chances of damage caused by frozen pipes leading to and from your water heater. This is important because a burst pipe can can damage your water and cause the water to drain from it all over the floor. Not only can this cause water damage, but the heating element in your hot water heater will burn out without water. Talk about a hot mess!

Shut off the main water valve

Turn off your main water valve if you’re going to be away for any extended period of time. This is extremely important because it can greatly reduce the chances of flooding by preventing water from continuing to flow into your home’s pipes, where it will freeze and may burst. Yikes! Be sure to drain any water leftover in the pipes by opening the hot and cold water faucets. If you happen to have a boiler, just skip this step because your boiler needs water to keep heating your home!

Keep drain odors where they belong…nowhere

The thought — or smell — of coming home to foul drain odors is pretty gross, isn’t it? Well, you can prevent them for happening by giving your drains a thorough cleaning before you go. Or, why not call us and we can clean your drains for you! Any kind of food residue stuck in your garbage disposal or kitchen sink drain will get pretty funky while you’re away so be sure to clean them. Similarly, clean your bathroom drains with natural cleaners such as vinegar and baking soda to flush away residue and odors. Bleach works too!

Whether it’s a big job, a small fix, or somewhere in between, Rooter-Man’s North Texas plumbing technicians are always to the rescue! Remember, your satisfaction is our guarantee, so calls us right away with plumbing questions or concerns!

A plumber uses a plunger to unclog a toilet.The holiday season is a special time of year in North Houston, as families gather together to give thanks and share in the festive spirit of the season. While the winter holidays are undoubtedly an exciting time for everyone, they can be taxing on your home’s plumbing.

At Rooter-Man, our main priority is customer satisfaction. With over 60 years of combined experienced and over a decade in business, our friendly North Houston plumbing problem experts are ready 24 hours a day to ensure your holiday functions flow smoothly.

Here are simple solutions to five of the most embarrassing and common holiday plumbing problems.

Garbage disposal problems

No one wants a broken, smelly garbage disposal! Although they might be pretty tough but they aren’t meant for disposing of fats, grease, and oils. These should be allowed to solidify before being thrown in the trash. Similarly, hard kitchen waste such as bones and starchy vegetable peels are better off in the garbage or compost pile. Remember to always run cold water when your garbage disposal is on. To remove foul odors, trying running cold water while feeding ice into your garbage disposal to remove debris. White vinegar, table salt, and even citrus rinds are also excellent alternatives. Environmentally friendly drain cleaners work best for strong, stubborn odors.

Not enough hot water

How annoying and embarrassing is it to run out of hot water, especially with guests around! You may be able to boost your water heater’s capacity to meet the increased demand by turning it up. This may supply enough hot water for dishes, laundry, and showers for you and your guests. For comfort and safety, never turn the temperature past 125 degrees. To avoid this problem altogether, consider having a tankless hot water heater installed.

Clogged shower drain

The only thing worse than a cold shower is a backed up shower due to a clogged drain. This happens when debris such as hair and soap residue build up and prevent water from properly draining. Not only can this gross out your guests, but it can cause problems down the road. Cleaning your drain on a regular basis will prevent this, so be sure to do so before your guests arrive. Installing a drain screen is an effective way to minimize the amount of debris that gets washed down the drain.

Clogged toilet

Waste items such as cigarette butts, cotton swabs, paper towels, and even “flushable” wipes can cause clogged toilets  in no time. These items are best disposed of the in trash, so be sure to keep a waste basket close or next to your toilet for easy disposal. After all, no one wants the embarrassment of being “the one” who clogged the toilet! Keep a plunger nearby for unexpected clogs. Sometimes a toilet may continue to clog despite these measures due to having the incorrect water level or a flapper that only partially opens when the toilet is flushed, so be sure to consider these areas as well.

Wobbly toilet handles

Do you really want to have to warn your guests about your loose toilet handle? Of course not! Chains with too much length and slack are often the reason behind loose toilet handles. Due to the excess length, the chain slides under the flapper when the toilet is flushed and allows water to continue to run. Jiggling the handles releases the chain and allows the flapper to fall back into its proper place. You can tighten loose toilet handles simply by shortening the chain or just give us a call and we can do so in no time! Be on the lookout for damaged or worn flapper as this can also lead to similar issues.

Avoid the inconvenience of North Houston holiday plumbing problems by giving Rooter-Man a call. From clogged drains and toilets to garbage disposal maintenance, it’s always Rooter-Man to the rescue!

DrainYou may not pay a lot of attention to your home’s floor drains in Conroe, but if there comes a time when water floods into your home or you experience a burst pipe in Conroe, you’ll be happy you have them. To ensure that your floor drains will flow properly when a plumbing emergency occurs, you’ll want to make sure you fix any issues they have right away. Here are some of the most common problems with floor drains and what must be done about them.

Floor Drain Blockages – Just like your kitchen sink drain and your bathtub drain, your floor drains can become clogged with debris. In most cases, a blockage can be removed with hydrojetting or cable drain cleaning service. Occasionally, a more extensive repair is needed if the blockage is due to a broken sewer pipe that has filled up with dirt. If your floor drain overflows often or never seems to thoroughly drain, it’s time to hire a Conroe plumber. 

Bad Odors – When the floor drain trap is dry, nasty odors and even insects can creep up from the sewer. Usually you can solve this issue by pouring some water down the drain to fill the trap and prevent the bugs and odors from entering.

Leaky Sewer Pipes – It is normal for there to occasionally be some water overflow in your floor drain when a significant amount of water is sent down your plumbing pipes at once—such as when the toilet is flushed at the same time that dishes and laundry are being done. A small amount of water may back up into the floor drain to prevent extreme pressure on the main drainage line. If you never have a water backup in your floor drain, you may have a broken sewer pipe that is allowing your wastewater to flow out into the ground. If you suspect this serious problem, call a local plumber immediately.

At Rooter-Man Plumbers, we’re happy to help you with drain cleaning and sewer pipe repairs in Conroe, North Houston, and the surrounding areas. Just give our plumbers a call for fast, friendly service!

Baby on toiletMany people think anything goes when it comes to flushing things down the toilet. You place it into the bowl, push down the handle, and ta-da it disappears. But our Klein, TX plumbers probably know better than anyone that toilets and plumbing systems in general can actually be quite fickle. The fact of the matter is, if you flush just anything down your toilet, you’re bound to pay the consequences. If you want to avoid toilet problems, sewer backups, and other plumbing system issues, we recommend keeping these items out of the toilet.

10 Items You Should Never Flush Down a Toilet in Klein, TX

  • Paper TowelsCommercial plumbing service is often needed at businesses that have public bathrooms because paper towels wind up getting flushed. Paper towels are too big and thick to be flushed and are highly likely to clog a toilet. If you keep paper towels in your bathroom, be sure there is a wastepaper basket there as well!
  • Cat Litter – It seems reasonable enough to flush your cat’s waste down the toilet, but if it’s covered in cat litter, don’t do it! The litter is designed to clump when it comes into contact with moisture, so it is likely to clump up in your plumbing pipes, causing a clog.
  • “Flushable Wipes” – When plumbers see the word “flushable” on a box of wipes, we cringe. The wipes are simply NOT flushable. The wipes might make it down the toilet, but they must be filtered out eventually which is costing cities worldwide big bucks.
  • Prophylactics– The likelihood of these causing a toilet clog is high and you certainly don’t want one to pop back up into the bowl.
  • Dental Floss – Believe it or not dental floss is not biodegradable, and it has a tendency to bunch up into balls, causing bigger clogs than you might think.
  • Feminine Hygiene Products – The manufacturers are never going to tell you, so we might as well: tampons should not be flushed. Because tampons are absorbent and don’t break down quickly, the city’s waste treatment plant must filter them out and take them to a landfill.
  • Food – Why are people flushing food down the toilet? We don’t know. Make sure the little ones know that the toilet bowl is not the appropriate bowl for their cheerios, because flushing food is a surefire way to clog a toilet.
  • Medicine – Whether new or expired, medications should never be flushed. Hormones and pharmaceuticals get into the water supply and can have a negative effect on the health of local wildlife.
  • Cotton Balls & Swabs – You may think these items are small and harmless, but they have a tendency to gather together in plumbing pipes, causing ugly clogs.
  • Cigarette Butts – Did you know that cigarette butts are one of the most common types of litter found in the ocean? While they might look small and easy to flush, they won’t break down quickly and will release chemicals into the water supply.

Clogged toilets and sewer lines can be messy and inconvenient, but many times these problems can be avoided when you practice good flushing habits. Teach your children what to flush and what not to flush and keep a trashcan handy for the unflushables! For drain clearing or sewer service in Klein, TX, give Rooter-Man Plumbers a call!

Stress Mother Watching Kids Make A MessThere are a few plumbing problems that present themselves most often during the summer months. If you notice one of these three plumbing issues, the best thing you can do is contact a Spring, TX plumber right away before the problem escalates. Don’t let the need for a plumbing repair put a damper on your summer fun—Rooter-Man plumbers are here to take care of the dirty work so you don’t have to!

Common Summer Plumbing Problems in North Houston & Spring, TX

Clogged Toilets – Toilets can become clogged at any time of year, but we notice that toilet clogs occur more often during the summer months when children are home from school. Make sure that young children understand how much toilet paper is appropriate to use. If you decide to plunge a toilet, reach for a flange plunger rather than a cup plunger because these are better at creating the suction you need to loosen a clog.

Backed-Up Sewer Lines – The excessive rainwater that comes with summer downpours and storms often seeps into cracks in sewer lines. Tree roots, which are drawn to sewer pipes for nutrition, like to creep into tiny cracks and then grown and expand, causing damage. At the first sign of a backup, give us a call for sewer service. We can even do a sewer line video inspection to pinpoint problems that would not otherwise be visible.

Broken Garbage Disposals – Garbage disposers can take a lot of abuse in the summer during parties and cookouts. To avoid needing a garbage disposal repair, don’t let your garbage disposal fill up before turning it on and run water into it as it operates. You can also help prevent a garbage disposal clog or breakdown by keeping items like watermelon, corn cobs, large bones, grease, cooking oil, celery, potatoes, and pasta out of the disposer.

At Rooter-Man Plumbers, your satisfaction is guaranteed so give us a call for any plumbing service that you need this summer! We provide both residential and commercial plumbing service in Spring, Klein, Magnolia, Tomball, Cy-Fair, The Woodlands, Conroe, and all over North Houston!

Portrait of a pretty girl holding two glasses with clean water iSmelly water is never a good thing. Who wants to shower in smelly water? Who wants to drink it? If your water has an unpleasant odor, it could have bacteria in it, and, although the bacteria may not physically harm you, you’ll need to banish the bacteria to get rid of the stink! Don’t worry, your Magnolia and North Houston plumbers are here to help you find out where the smell is coming from.

Is my water heater making my water smell bad?

Pour two glasses of water from your tap, one cold, one hot. Now step away from the sink, swirl the water around, and give each a good sniff. Does only the glass of hot water smell bad? If so, your water heater is creating the odor. Here are some things you can do to fix it:

Crank your water heater up to 160 degrees to kill the odor-causing bacteria. Just remember to turn the temperature back down again so that no one gets scalded!

Consult your local plumber about replacing your water heater’s magnesium rod if it has one.

Flush and disinfect the water heater.

Is my water softener making my water smell bad?

Compare the water that comes from your plumbing fixtures that utilitize your water softener to the water that comes from your other fixtures. If only the softened water has an odor, then there are probably bacteria growing in your water softener. You’ll want to clean, sanitize, and thoroughly flush out your water softener to remedy the problem.

Could the unpleasant odor be coming from my drain?

Sometimes people misperceive that their water smells when really the odor is coming out of their drains. Pour some water and take it far away from your drains and then smell it to be sure it’s the water. If it turns out the odor is actually exuding from your drains, you’ll need to flush and disinfect them to remove drain buildup.

The plumbers at Rooter-Man hope that this information helps you to locate the source of odor in your home. If you don’t believe your drains, water heater or water softener are to blame, you may want to contact your water supply company or have your well water tested. For plumbing service in Magnolia and North Houston, call Rooter-Man today!

Toilet MonsterNot every creepy noise you hear after dark is a ghost or a monster. Sometimes there is a reasonable explanation for a thud or a pop or a bang. Don’t think the worst–our Tomball and North Houston plumbers are here to explain why sometimes plumbing goes bump in the night!!

#1 – You hear a gurgle in your sink after you flush the toilet. No, it’s not a 12-eyed sewer monster sneaking up your plumbing pipe to steal all your cans of Spam. Your sink may not be properly vented, so when you flush the toilet, it tries to draw air from the sink into the drain line. Gurgling drains can also be signs that you need drain cleaning. 

#2 – You hear a trickle or dripping after everyone has gone to bed. No, it’s not Casper washing his ghostly-white hands. You probably have a water leak. If you don’t see water or stains anywhere and you don’t see a leaky faucet, you may have a water leak inside a pipe or plumbing fixture. A toilet, for instance, can have a leak that causes it to run and run as it stealthily wastes water. Call Rooter-Man Plumbers for leak detection, so that you’re not spending extra money each month on water you didn’t even get to use!

#3 – You hear a loud, startling banging noise. No, it’s not a ghost browsing for a snack in the kitchen. It’s probably a water hammer—a reverberation noise caused when high-pressured water comes to a stop in your plumbing pipes. Plumbing systems in Tomball usually have air chambers that prevent this shockwave from occurring, but sometimes they become waterlogged. Because water hammers can lead to burst pipes and failed pipe fittings, you’ll want to contact your local plumber to install a new air chamber or pressure-relieving valve.

While these plumbing problems are not as scary as horror movie villains, they can still cause some damages. Talk to Rooter-Man Plumbers about whatever plumbing issue you have so that we can perform the plumbing repair or plumbing installation that will be the long-term solution!