Plumbing Maintenance

Detail of water attachment to the washing machine.Are you planning to get away this winter? ‘Tis almost the season for holiday visits with family, catching some fresh powder on the slopes, or just getting out of town for a while. While all of these are excellent ways to break away from it all, it’s important not to forget about your plumbing before you go! Even here in Texas, the unpredictability of winter cold fronts can take a toll on your home’s plumbing while you’re away.

Our number one goal at Rooter-Man is to protect your home, that’s why we’re proud to offer a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. Our screened, professional North Houston plumbers have the know-how and tools to tackle a variety of plumbing problems, including help you prepare your plumbing before you go on vacation.

Follow these easy vacation plumbing tips to get your plumbing ready before you go on!

Leave your heat on

Even though it’s really tempting to turn your off while you’re gone in order to save both energy and money, it’s not really worth it. Shut off your heat and you run the risk of having your pipes freeze, or worse, burst! All it takes is one cold front or hard freeze like last winter and you just might have frozen pipes on your hands! To avoid this, keep your heat on at a minimum of 55 degrees Fahrenheit.

Check out your washing machine’s hoses

Washing machine hoses see a lot of wear and tear and only have a life expectancy of about 3 years. During this time major calcium build up can happen and cracks can form, causing leaks and other problems. Stop to take a good look at your washing machine’s hoses before you go so you can spot any potential issues. If you find anything, don’t ignore! Call us immediately!

Send your water heater on vacation too!

Not literally of course, but water heaters have a vacation mode that can be turned on before you leave. If your water heater isn’t equipped with this option, simply turn it off. Both options not only save power and therefore money, but they also reduce the chances of damage caused by frozen pipes leading to and from your water heater. This is important because a burst pipe can can damage your water and cause the water to drain from it all over the floor. Not only can this cause water damage, but the heating element in your hot water heater will burn out without water. Talk about a hot mess!

Shut off the main water valve

Turn off your main water valve if you’re going to be away for any extended period of time. This is extremely important because it can greatly reduce the chances of flooding by preventing water from continuing to flow into your home’s pipes, where it will freeze and may burst. Yikes! Be sure to drain any water leftover in the pipes by opening the hot and cold water faucets. If you happen to have a boiler, just skip this step because your boiler needs water to keep heating your home!

Keep drain odors where they belong…nowhere

The thought — or smell — of coming home to foul drain odors is pretty gross, isn’t it? Well, you can prevent them for happening by giving your drains a thorough cleaning before you go. Or, why not call us and we can clean your drains for you! Any kind of food residue stuck in your garbage disposal or kitchen sink drain will get pretty funky while you’re away so be sure to clean them. Similarly, clean your bathroom drains with natural cleaners such as vinegar and baking soda to flush away residue and odors. Bleach works too!

Whether it’s a big job, a small fix, or somewhere in between, Rooter-Man’s North Texas plumbing technicians are always to the rescue! Remember, your satisfaction is our guarantee, so calls us right away with plumbing questions or concerns!

A plumber uses a plunger to unclog a toilet.The holiday season is a special time of year in North Houston, as families gather together to give thanks and share in the festive spirit of the season. While the winter holidays are undoubtedly an exciting time for everyone, they can be taxing on your home’s plumbing.

At Rooter-Man, our main priority is customer satisfaction. With over 60 years of combined experienced and over a decade in business, our friendly North Houston plumbing problem experts are ready 24 hours a day to ensure your holiday functions flow smoothly.

Here are simple solutions to five of the most embarrassing and common holiday plumbing problems.

Garbage disposal problems

No one wants a broken, smelly garbage disposal! Although they might be pretty tough but they aren’t meant for disposing of fats, grease, and oils. These should be allowed to solidify before being thrown in the trash. Similarly, hard kitchen waste such as bones and starchy vegetable peels are better off in the garbage or compost pile. Remember to always run cold water when your garbage disposal is on. To remove foul odors, trying running cold water while feeding ice into your garbage disposal to remove debris. White vinegar, table salt, and even citrus rinds are also excellent alternatives. Environmentally friendly drain cleaners work best for strong, stubborn odors.

Not enough hot water

How annoying and embarrassing is it to run out of hot water, especially with guests around! You may be able to boost your water heater’s capacity to meet the increased demand by turning it up. This may supply enough hot water for dishes, laundry, and showers for you and your guests. For comfort and safety, never turn the temperature past 125 degrees. To avoid this problem altogether, consider having a tankless hot water heater installed.

Clogged shower drain

The only thing worse than a cold shower is a backed up shower due to a clogged drain. This happens when debris such as hair and soap residue build up and prevent water from properly draining. Not only can this gross out your guests, but it can cause problems down the road. Cleaning your drain on a regular basis will prevent this, so be sure to do so before your guests arrive. Installing a drain screen is an effective way to minimize the amount of debris that gets washed down the drain.

Clogged toilet

Waste items such as cigarette butts, cotton swabs, paper towels, and even “flushable” wipes can cause clogged toilets  in no time. These items are best disposed of the in trash, so be sure to keep a waste basket close or next to your toilet for easy disposal. After all, no one wants the embarrassment of being “the one” who clogged the toilet! Keep a plunger nearby for unexpected clogs. Sometimes a toilet may continue to clog despite these measures due to having the incorrect water level or a flapper that only partially opens when the toilet is flushed, so be sure to consider these areas as well.

Wobbly toilet handles

Do you really want to have to warn your guests about your loose toilet handle? Of course not! Chains with too much length and slack are often the reason behind loose toilet handles. Due to the excess length, the chain slides under the flapper when the toilet is flushed and allows water to continue to run. Jiggling the handles releases the chain and allows the flapper to fall back into its proper place. You can tighten loose toilet handles simply by shortening the chain or just give us a call and we can do so in no time! Be on the lookout for damaged or worn flapper as this can also lead to similar issues.

Avoid the inconvenience of North Houston holiday plumbing problems by giving Rooter-Man a call. From clogged drains and toilets to garbage disposal maintenance, it’s always Rooter-Man to the rescue!

Fall Leaves With RakeThere are several Mayhem commercials that make light of winter problems. The main point the commercials intend to get across is for homeowners to be prepared. Disaster can strike at any time, and no one wants to be caught unprepared. This year, Rooter-Man wanted to offer our clients a few helpful plumbing tips. Prepare yourselves! Winter is coming! While this is not Game of Thrones, the classic line is still vital. No one wants to be in the middle of the coldest months of the year and have a broken water or sewer line. Avoid this problem with these helpful winterization tips.

Fall Plumbing Maintenance Tips

  • Hoses and sprinklers should be disconnected and stored
  • Inspect all hose bibbs or outdoor spigots, faucets, fixtures, and pipes for drips or leaks. Be sure to have these repaired before winter.
  • Insulate all exposed pipes in areas such as crawl spaces or along exterior walls.
  • Have your hot water heater inspected. This ensures your unit will continue working through the winter months without problems. Our plumbing technicians can spot potential problems and offer solutions before it gets too cold.
  • Schedule routine maintenance for your furnace and sewer/septic systems.
  • Clear all gutters and downspouts of leaves and debris that have collected. Be sure to do this regularly throughout the fall so that they are always clear. Debris can cause major problems if not cleared before winter. As the water collects and freezes, the weight can become too much for the gutter, causing it to rip from the wall. The water could also collect and freeze on the roof, causing serious damage.

Now, these are only a few of the many tips you can follow to be prepared for the winter months. For more information or to schedule a routine maintenance inspection, give us a call today. We are always available to help answer your questions and resolve your plumbing problems. Remember, no matter what issue you may experience, it’s Rooter-Man to the Rescue!

Leaky FaucetIgnoring a leaky faucet can be a costly mistake. While a dripping faucet may not seem like it is a big concern, eventually all of those wasted drops of water will add up. At Rooter-Man Plumbers, we recommend that you take immediate action if you discover a leaky faucet inside of your home.

Shut the Water Off

Turn off the water valves that lead to the sink or tub where the leaky faucet is located. Do not forget to make sure that the faucets are also turned to the off position. This will prevent your leak from becoming a messy pool of water.

Removing the Parts

Remove the knob handle from the faucet. It may be necessary to use a flathead screwdriver to pry it off. Underneath the knob is a screw. Apply a little lubricating oil to loosen the screw up. Then proceed to remove it with your flat head screwdriver. Use a wrench to remove the bolt or nut. Some faucet bolts and nuts slide off; others need to be twisted off. Once accomplishing this, remove the faucet stem as well.

Put Faucet Components Together

At this point, you should see an O-ring and washer. Many faucet leaks are the result of old and worn washers and O-rings. Inspect the O-ring, washer, nuts, bolts, and even the handle. If any of those items show any signs of wear or damage, they need to be replaced immediately. Double check the size and shape of all replacement pieces to ensure they are the right fit for your faucet. Even the slightest discrepancy in size or shape will result in a leak.

Once you have secured the proper replacement items, carefully put all of the faucet’s components back together in the opposite order of removal. Make sure that everything is tight and turn on the water supply to the area. Twist the faucet and test it out. If you discover that the leak is still present, your leaky faucet may be the cause of a serious home plumbing problem. Do not hesitate to call Rooter-Man Plumbers at 218-351-4422 for assistance.

MaintenanceIn many households, a busy day begins with a hearty breakfast. Eggs, toast, orange juice, cereal, bacon, and sausage break the fast after a long night’s slumber. The latter two breakfast staples also create considerable amounts of grease as they are fried up in the pan. What home owners do with that grease after the fact has a huge impact on the health of their plumbing systems. A simple but very important plumbing maintenance tip is that grease, oils, and fats should be disposed of in the trash. They should never be rinsed down the drain. If you’re still skeptical about the damage that grease can do your pipes, Rooter-Man Plumbers can enlighten you with photos and horror stories. Just ask us!

Don’t Become a Cautionary Tale

Yes, we are in the business of providing plumbing repair. But we would much rather help our customers prevent messy and inconvenient problems with proper maintenance so they won’t need to call us for repairs. Fats, oils, and greases that are rinsed down the drain do not always flow freely to the sewer or septic system. Often, they collect in sensitive pipes, harden up, and form an impenetrable mass.

Unfortunately, when many home owners develop a clog due to grease build up, they dump a bottle of over-the-counter drain cleaner down their sink. This can cause even more damage. Unable to penetrate the grease, the harsh chemicals can begin to erode delicate pipes. A bit of preventive maintenance (discarding fats, oils, and greases in the trash can rather than rinsing them down the drain) can save home owners lots of money, mess, and inconvenience.

Accidents Happen

Despite our best efforts, we all make mistakes from time to time. If you find yourself with a clog because you mistakenly dumped grease down the drain, call Rooter-Man Plumbers at 218-351-4422. We’ll fix your clog and promise not to say, “We told you so!”

Plumbers in TomballRooter-Man Plumbers will be there when you’re in need of professional, licensed and experienced plumbers in Tomball, but we realize that sometimes it can be difficult to determine when you need a plumber. Some clogs and leaks can be taken care of in a few steps, but others call for a more experienced touch.

Don’t Do-It-Yourself

Attempting to take care of home plumbing problems on your own is fine, but there are some cases where you can actually do more harm than good. For instance, if you’re unable to get to a clog, you can actually push it deeper down the drain. Rusted pipes inside of the walls of your home will need to be taken care of by a professional who has the proper license and training.

Additional Problems That Require a Plumber

Other home plumbing problems that will require the touch of plumbers in Tomball include:

  • Repairing and replacing drains
  • Any main line issues
  • Plumbing remodeling projects
  • Pressure balance/pressure valve issues

When in Doubt…

If you ever even think that you might need a plumber, it’s probably best that you call one. After all, you wouldn’t hesitate to call a fireman if your home is on fire or 911 if someone is having a heart attack. Knowing when you’re out of your depth when it comes to plumbing problems can save you a lot of time, frustration and possibly even money. Plumbers have the education and experience to properly diagnose plumbing problems.

Rooter-Man Plumbers is just a phone call away should you ever find yourself in need of experienced plumbers in Tomball. Pick up the phone and contact us at 281-351-4422 the next time you find a lake where your bathroom or kitchen used to be, or if you ever have a particularly stubborn clog.

Rooter-Man Plumbing to the Rescue in Magnolia, TX with drain cleaning advice. Indoor plumbing is one of the greatest inventions; however, it may not work properly if property owners fail to perform routine maintenance and basic inspections. For example, having water flow freely into your home is wonderful unless it doesn’t drain properly. This week, Rooter-Man Plumbing wanted to offer a few tips to help keep your drains flowing properly all year long.

  1. Ensure all drains are covered with some kind of drain guard for debris. You can find them at almost any store for a good price. These should be cleaned routinely—especially ones in the shower that catch hair. Prevention is the best way to avoid major clogs, so ensure you have drain guards installed in all drains.
  2. Inspect the p-traps under your sinks to ensure none are leaking. If you find any sort of moisture or water under the p-trap (the small, u-shaped pipe), you have a leak. You may be able to tighten the pipes; however, it is best to have one of the plumbing technicians at Rooter-Man Plumbing take a look to verify.
  3. You should also routinely inspect all of your drains. Go around your home and turn on the water in every sink and ensure the water drains away quickly. If it does not, you may have a clogged drain. You can try to clear the drain by pouring baking soda and vinegar down your drain to remove any minor blockage. If this does not work, you should consult a licensed technician right away to ensure the problem is not more serious.

If you’ve performed these basic tips and routine maintenance inspections and still have a plumbing issue, you might have a more serious problem such as a severe clog, leaky pipe, or some other plumbing problem. Thankfully, the expert technicians at RooterMan Plumbing have everything needed to solve any plumbing problem. We can even give you advice and tips on what to look for when attempting these DIY projects.

Rooter-Man Plumbing values the satisfaction of our customers, so we are very particular about the products we offer and install for our residential and commercial clients. If you have any questions or would like to discuss installation options for your home or business, the plumbers at Rooter-Man Plumbing  have the tools, knowledge, and experience to explain all of your plumbing installation, repairs and maintenance questions. For testimonials, money saving tips,  and coupons visit us on the web. When you have a problem its Rooter-Man plumbers to the rescue!

There is nothing like brushing your teeth and noticing the water is sitting stagnant even though the drain is fully opened. While it is not only a frustrating problem, it can lead to more severe issues like pipe leaks or clogs. Here at Rooter-Man Plumbers, we strive to be the number one plumbing company by offering timely service while educating our customers on how to effectively maintain their home plumbing systems. Here are some simple steps for how to unclog sink drain.

Observe and Understand

Chances are everyone has had a moment where they think their drain is clogged only to discover that the plug is partially in use. When the water isn’t draining, observe to make sure the plug is completely open. Before removing any parts, make sure you understand how to disassemble and reassemble the drain to avoid causing further damage.

Have the Right Tools

Depending on the methods you choose to use, a variety of tools may be necessary. If you are wondering how to unclog sink drain, there are a few things you could do.

  1. Use Chemicals – At department stores you can find various plumbing chemicals designed for the system in your home. Using these products properly may help to clear up the drain.
  1. Tools – A small wiry tool is a great item to use when it is necessary to fish hair out of the drain. Often, a clogged drain can result from a buildup of hair which can be pulled out easily with a small tool. Some people even use a hanger which can be effective as well.
  1. Plunger – Smaller plungers designed for sinks can sometimes remedy a clog if it is not too severe.

When none of the measures you have tried are able to fix the problem, it is time to call us at Rooter-Man Plumbers. Our experienced professionals know all about how to unclog sink drain and are ready to help you. Give us a call at 281-351-4422.


What do you plan on doing outside your home this summer? Barbecuing? Washing the car? Planting a garden? Home repairs? Whatever you have in mind for this summer, you’ll want to make sure your outdoor plumbing is ready to go with our spring outdoor plumbing checklist. If you need any assistance with plumbing maintenance this spring, our Cypress, TX plumbing company is here to help!

Spring Outdoor Plumbing Checklist for Cypress, Tomball, & The Woodlands

  1. Inspect your outdoor kitchen. Anytime you haven’t used your outdoor kitchen for a while, you’ll want to make sure the plumbing is still in proper working order. Sink drains should be clear of debris and gas lines should be inspected for damage. If you need drain cleaning or gas line replacement, give Rooter-Man a call.
  2. Clean the gutters. It is imperative that gutters be free of debris so that proper drainage can take its course. If rainwater doesn’t drain properly, it can pool near your home and potentially leak into your basement.
  3. Look for leaks on outdoor faucets and hose bibs. You can conserve water and save money by having a dripping faucet or hose bib repaired or replaced.
  4. Clear yard drains of debris. Yard drains can become blocked by a variety of materials. Check to make sure nothing is preventing proper drainage from occurring in your yard.
  5. Inspect your plumbing vent pipes. A blocked plumbing vent pipe will cause all your plumbing fixtures to drain slower. Check for bird nests and other materials that could clog the plumbing vent.

At Rooter-Man, we’re here to help you with any type of residential plumbing or commercial plumbing that you may need throughout the year. We hope these tips will help you to start your summer off right. For plumbing installations and plumbing repairs, give our Cypress plumbing contractors a call today!

Springtime is an excellent time to get your home clean, organized, and ready for summer. After a long, chilly winter it’s great to take some time to reset your home and make sure everything feels right and is working properly. At our Tomball plumbing company, we believe that spring is also the perfect time to check up on your home’s plumbing to ensure that nothing has become damaged over the winter months. With Rooter-Man’s handy plumbing checklist, you’ll know what to look at, and if you find yourself in need of a plumbing repair or plumbing installation, you’ll know who to call as well!

Magnolia, Tomball, & Northern Houston Spring Plumbing Checklist from Rooter-Man:

  1. Check for leaky or dripping faucets. Even a small leak on your kitchen or bathroom faucet can cost you significant money on your water bill. If you find a leak, contact Rooter-Man for a faucet repair or faucet replacement.
  2. Deal with toilet flushing issues. Have you been ignoring a problem with your toilet? Do you have to hold down or jiggle the handle? Now is your chance to eliminate this annoyance.  You may just need to replace an inexpensive worn part—if you need help with toilet repair give us a call.
  3. Inspect plumbing pipes. If a plumbing pipe under your sink, under your home, or in your basement has sprung a leak, it’s costing you money. If you’ve received an unusually high water bill, but can’t find a water leak, it’s time to contact Rooter-Man for leak detection.
  4. Find out how old your water heater is. The first four digits of your water heater’s serial number often indicate the month and year it was manufactured. If your water heater is 15 years or older, you may want to think about water heater replacement. A water heater that old is most likely nearing the end of its life, and a newer water heater will be much more energy efficient.
  5. Make sure your sump pump is working properly. Dump a couple buckets of water into your sump pump’s pit.  It should turn on, drain the water, and shut off when it’s done. If it doesn’t engage and drain the water, you’ll want to get a sump pump repair or replacement before a time comes when you really need it to work!

Our Tomball plumbers hope these suggestions will help you to get started checking out your home’s plumbing this spring. And as always, Rooter-Man is here to help you out with any kind of plumbing service you may need in Magnolia, Tomball, or North Houston. Happy Spring!